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Working from home amid Covid-19 threat? 8 apps that let you operate smoothly !!


This is one of the most popular collaboration apps used by organisations for messaging, voice and video calls, sharing and editing documents, and can be used across devices. Slack also offers application programming interfaces to integrate complex services.

Available on iOS, Android, Windows (free and paid versions)

​Basecamp 3

This project management app has message boards, to-do lists, schedules, docs, file storage, real-time group chat, and automatic check-in questions. The user can also add third-party tools like time trackers depending on the project.

Available on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac (free and paid versions)


This app allows screen-sharing and cross-platform instant messaging. Free to download, you can invite up to 100 people in a video conference on this app.

Available on Android, iOS, Windows (Free)


This app comes in handy to track time and log expenses. You can also manage invoices. The app allows you to take images of receipts and keep track of expenses. One can also monitor the time taken by colleagues on certain projects and stay up to date.


One can create polls, invite others to participate in them and get their feedback on any particular topic or project. It is an ideal app to get quick feedback from colleagues.

Available on iOS, Android (Free)


While you have no choice but to be fully concentrated in an office space, at home you might slack off while working. During such scenarios, this app produces ambient sounds to help you focus. It also drowns out noises and helps you to concentrate.

Available on Android, iOS ($1.99)

​G-Suite apps

Google’s apps are some of the most commonly used across the world. For productivity, apps like Docs, Hangout and Drive can make coordinating and sharing files quite easy. Google has also made the paid versions -- for businesses -- free for the time being.

​Microsoft Teams

Sharing documents, text and video chats with colleagues and access to Office 365 — Teams is a one-stop collaboration shop. You will need a paid Microsoft 365 subscription to use it.

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