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Wellness and Safety Promotional Products !!

Wellness and safety is an integral component to any organization. Make sure you’ve got it covered with our wide selection of custom healthcare solutions including safety promotional items and custom fitness products. Whether you are promoting an internal corporate wellness program to staff or trying to bring awareness to a health and safety issue within your community, Tapwell has the items you need to promote your brand and mission.

Not sure where to start? Promote healthy living with personalized hand sanitizers, pedometers and exercise equipment. Personal care items like pill boxes, healthcare essentials and informational guides are ideal for medical facilities. Lip balms and sun protection products are gender neutral and perfect for sporting events, golf outings, walk-a-thons and races and awareness campaigns.

According to the Advertising Specialty Institute, 30% of U.S. consumers own promotional health and safety items. These items are making an impact, too. The same study found that 82% of U.S. consumers can immediately remember the advertiser’s name on a safety product they own. How can you take advantage of this branding opportunity? TAPWELL offers an array of wellness and safety promotional items that you can incorporate in your next marketing campaign.

First aid kits are perfect for sporting events, schools, hospitals, resorts, and theme parks. They can be light weight, low-cost, gender neutral and cover a variety of purposes and demographics. You can choose to use them as giveaways or even sell them in your company store. The best part? Travel-sized first aid kits tend to go with people, so your brand is always with them, too.

Hand sanitizers, lip balms and other personal care items make easy giveaways at trade shows. These handheld items are often considered “must-haves,” so once again, your brand will be with the recipient everywhere they go. As healthcare costs continue to rise, your company should consider implementing a corporate wellness program, too. Give employees a starter kit that includes informational cards with health tips, a pedometer and a lunch sack to encourage healthy meals on campus. Then create incentives for employees to maintain a healthy lifestyle and offer rewards for those that meet their goals.

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