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Effective Ways to Use Promotional Products Effectively & Drive Customers !!

Customers and clients love to get promotional products and when used properly, promotional products can help you greatly in creating brand awareness. Also, promotional items have the additional benefit of making your customers and clients feel important.

But, merely having promotional products isn’t enough – you need to know how to use promotional products effectively to drive customers.

1.Sponsor Events

Is your business thinking about sponsoring an event? Events are a great way to get your brand seen! Consider providing promotional items to include either at the event or in any swag bags the event may give to guests. These items, of course, do not have to be expensive but they will leave a lasting impression on the client or investor.

2.Choose Wisely

Choose products that reflect your business. This seems like a no-brainer, however, sometimes a business will select items that are not in line with their industry/niche and this can cause people major confusion in regards to your brand. For example, if you are promoting a gym, you would choose promotional items like towels, water bottles, and drawstring backpacks. You would not choose items like a screwdriver or passport holder.

3.Get Personal

Always find a way to personally hand or send promotional items to the person receiving it. Having an assortment of items on a table is great, but finding ways to personally hand that item to a client or prospect after sharing a productive conversation will make it feel more like a special gift rather than just another freebie.

4.Client Rewards

DO you have clients that send you referrals, purchase products or services regularly, etc? Say thank you to that awesome client with a promotional gift. This will help build on the loyalty that they have already fostered with your business. Also, it may easily become a conversation point between the client and someone they know; bringing you extra free marketing.

5.Use a Variety of Products

Get creative with choosing promotional items’ design and application. Consider having a few different choices of products for prospective customers (trade show, event, fair, etc), first-time customers, long-term clients and customers you may have not heard from in a while. If possible, letting a client choose which item they prefer can have a huge payoff. If they prefer receiving a coffee mug instead of a wall calendar, they are more likely to use it often which means more people they know will see it!

6.Vendor and Employee Gifts

Providing employees and vendors with something they can use in their everyday life, makes for a great gift. Whether it’s a holiday, employee celebration, retirement party or promotion, they all appreciate the gesture. Most employees will use these items in and out of the office, which is also great exposure for your brand! Items can range from pens with your business’ logo, clothing (polo shirts, etc) hats, coffee tumblers and more.

7.Social Media

Do not underestimate the power of social media. Not only is it an excellent way to promote your brand, but it’s also the perfect place to get other people to advocate for it. Through social media, you can connect with a significant number of your target audience members. Those who like your brand will be happy to promote it online.

Organize a contest and spark their interest! You can create a goody bag of a product, a service voucher, and a promotional item. Not only will this bring you brand awareness during the contest – the winner will almost always announce their win and even share photos of the items once received. You have now been introduced and marketed to their followers!

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