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Top 6 Corporate New Year Gift's categories

2020 has been a year of massive devastation and heartbreaks. We saw the Australian bushfires, floods, volcano eruptions, earthquakes, locust attacks, and a lot more. The world has gone through a lot & so has everyone in it, including your clients & fellow co-workers.

A new Year comes with new hopes, new vibes, new beginnings, and above all - the positive energy that boosts us to make progress and come out better than the previous year. It is also the perfect time to wish your colleagues, employees and fellow co-workers a prosperous new beginning and good luck. New Year gifts are capable of having a positive impact on your stakeholders along with invoking a strong sense of loyalty, bonding & brand recall. It is a great way to acknowledge & celebrate the hard work that your co-workers have put in. The onus is on you to find that perfect gift & give those that make an impact.

If you’re not sure about what to buy for your colleagues or clients, we have got you covered.

Here is a round up of the Top 6 New year gifts categories perfect to make your colleagues & clients feel valued & appreciated.

Help your colleagues & clients start a new chapter in their lives & stay organized with a range of dated & non dated diaries. You can customize these with your brand logo & personalized names. They are available in a number of sizes & different materials. Share your brief to get a PDF of custom Diary options as per your specific requirement.

Company branded calendars gives brands additional exposure every time someone checks the date, extends a deadline and notes a vacation. They’re used as reference points nearly every day and can be inexpensive and fully customized to target very specific audiences. Custom calendars are used in homes nearly as much as offices, and TapWell has many options to fit both needs. From oversized desk calendars to portable pocket planners, there are many cost-effective options that you will love.

Go for a combination of our pre-designed classic Gift sets which includes Diaries, Pen, Visiting Card Holders & Keychain or get a custom box designed along with your Company branding with your favorite products. Either way, we have got you covered.

Help your stakeholders forget about 2020 & welcome this new year with a mix of innovative & amazing sweets & dry fruits like waffle thins, paan balls, candied dryfruits, organic tea, nutty trail mix, etc. These gift hampers are beautifully packed & are known for their ability to make some serious impressions on the minds of the recipients. Share your brief

Help your stakeholders unclutter their desks with beautiful multi utility desk organizers. Go for classic wooden stationery holder or add a dash of tech to it by gifting something that supports phone charging & has usb hub. Either way, the recipients will thank you for the thought put into it. Share your brief to get a PDF of custom desktop options.

Add a new perspective to your colleague’s environment with fancy stationery that is both functional and doubles up as art. One that carries a relevant witty phrase is a good way to personalize it. Put together notepads, pen and pencil, diaries, folders, etc. and you’re good to go. Share your brief to get a PDF of custom stationery options

Bonus Tip

Add a hand written note

Since you’re distributing Corporate gifts to show appreciation to your employees & clients, make sure to include a handwritten note from a top level executive. Take this opportunity to mention what they mean to your organization. It is an amazing way to make a meaningful connection. Also, if the product you’ve chosen is eco-friendly, you should surely mention that in the note. This small gesture will furthermore optimize the efficiency of your gifting objective by a significant margin.

About us

We at TapWell, help HR & Marketing managers successfully engage with their employees, customers, distributors, etc. and make the most out of their Corp orate gifts investment. Ask us to suggest gift options as per your specific needs & see our magic in action - Share your brief.

Why us?

- 5000+ products across all budgets & categories.

- Collection of unique gift options for a memorable New Year.

- Custom branding option to make your Company visible.

- Free mock ups & samples so you know exactly what to expect.

- Remote employee PAN India delivery for a hassle-free process.

Please feel free to get in touch with us at the details mentioned below;

Contact Person : Rases Changoiwala

Email address :

Call : +91 9769378543

Location : Mumbai

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