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Promotional Products:An Effective Branding Tool for Business !!

Promotional products have really stood the test of time in the marketing world. You know them: they are those branded gifts that have your company’s name and or logo on them. They are one of the oldest forms of marketing, advertising, and branding. However; they are still effective marketing tools even in today’s digital marketing world. The strategy for making promotional gifts an effective part of your marketing arsenal has three keys. You may think of promotional products as something that is only used at trade shows or conventions, but they can be effective tools for branding and promotion anywhere and anytime.

Research Shows the Positive Impact of Promotional Products for Businesses

There is an organisation dedicated to the promotional products industry. It is called the Tapwell. They periodically survey recipients of promotional merchandise to evaluate their effectiveness and see what works best. They publish this research to help companies understand the power of promotional products as part of their advertising and marketing mix.

Here are 5 reasons based on their research and surveys why you should at least try out a promotional product campaign in the near future.

  1. Promotional products are less expensive, yet more effective for brand recollection than other types of advertising, including: print, radio, and television.

  2. 79% of promotional product recipients are likely to do business with that company.

  3. 66% of recipients could remember the name of the company or brand that had given them a promotional product.

  4. 60.1% of promotional product recipients feel a positive reaction to this type of advertising. That is almost double all other mediums combined.

  5. 34.3% of promotional product recipients agree that they have a favorable impression of the advertiser.

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