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3 places HR can use branding to make a big impact!!

You need to maintain a positive reputation to attract the best talents to your organization & to retain them. Your organization's brand is essentially it's reputation.

Think about this: 84% of applicant says that a Company's reputation is a guiding factor when seeking employment. In fact, an investment in branding can reduce employee turnover by 28%. Keep reading to know about 3 techniques HR representatives can use to represent their brand in an impactful manner.

1) Recruitment : The first thing you need to make sure is to keep your brand message consistent at every step of the recruitment process. Why? Because your company culture is an integral part of your brand. And cultural fit is a top hiring consideration for 3 in 5 recruiters. It’s also a chief reason 1 in 4 employees gives for changing jobs.

When potential new hires are interested in working for your company, they’ll likely first check out your website and social pages. Treat these channels as recruitment vehicles. Post about team activities and events, employee achievements and milestones, and other fun things that show what it’s like to work at your company. You could even share employee videos that feature testimonials or “a day in the life” at your organization. At recruitment events, your booth should embody your brand. This includes the colors, textures and graphics displayed, the personalities of the staffers representing your company, and your choice of recruiting swag. Are you a techy company? Choose a duo charging cable & earbuds to reinforce your branding. An LED head lamp might be a great giveaway for a rugged, outdoorsy brand.

2) Interviews: Match your interview approach to your brand for a consistent feel. Does a formal, structured interview complement your organization’s image? If your company is casual, you may find that a coffeehouse chat is a good fit. Or would something semi-structured, like a meet-and-greet followed by a presentation, be a better match? When your interview process mirrors your brand, recruits get a true feel for your company and how well they may fit within your organization. For interviewees further down the funnel, show your brand’s culture in action with an office tour or an invite to an employee lunch. Thank prospective hires for their time and effort with a branded HR giveaway, like a journal or a tumbler.

3) Onboarding: You’ve successfully recruited the newest member of your team—no doubt due to making a strong first impression during the interview and recruiting process. Make sure this impression lasts by offering onboarding that is consistent with your brand reputation. Efficient, streamlined processes equate to happy, engaged new employees. Offer an onboarding kit, complete with a USB drive containing all the necessary documents, policies and enrollment forms (plus an HR giveaway or two). Are you known for fun? Throw in a colorful jotter and Fidget Spinner Pen for note-taking. Is your brand more serious and sophisticated? A leather portfolio makes a nice addition.

Branding has a place in every step of the recruitment process—from finding potential new hires to interviewing to onboarding. Use these tips and recruiting swag ideas to share your company’s culture.

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Contact Person: Rases Changoiwala

Call: +91 9769378543

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