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Keys for Effective Promotional Products !!

Sure, everyone likes getting free promotional gifts, but certain branded merchandise works better than choosing a generic type of promotional gift. Of course, general promotional products are often most popular. Pens, notepads, USB drives, reusable bags, etc. are popular and they are often kept for a long period of time. However, as far as the best way to ensure the most success with branding and making a memorable impact, these are the three keys to go by when choosing a promotional product.

  1. Useful to the recipient

  2. Relevant to your brand

  3. Must represent your company well

Here is a breakdown with more information on each of our three “rules” for choosing effective promotional products.

Useful Promotional Products

In order to be able to be effective in advertising your company or your brand, a promotional product must be useful to the recipient. By useful, we mean something that they will hold onto and continue to use on a regular basis. The research from the Tapwell has shown that useful promotional products can be kept for anywhere from one to three years on average, and that keeps your logo and company name top of mind for a very long time. When products are kept for a long time, there is a good chance that other colleagues, friends, and acquaintances might see the product and some transference can occur. On the other hand, not all promotional products have to be kept for a long time to be effective.

Promotional Gifts Should be Relevant to Your Brand

Whether it is an inexpensive pen or a more expensive item, the risk is the same. Just because you spend more on promotional merchandise doesn’t mean it will be effective. Plenty of inexpensive pens make it to a recipient’s desk and are used often; however, does it remind them of your company? That is the key point here. The item should be relevant to your brand in some way. This will help them remember your company when it comes time to buy your products or services. Here are six examples of relevant promotional products to give you some ideas of what we mean:

  1. Branded hand sanitizer from a doctor or hospital.

  2. Sunscreen with your logo on it for a dermatologist.

  3. Recycled or reusable promotional products for an environmentally conscious company.

  4. Branded roadside assistance kits for car insurance companies.

  5. Promotional drinkware or aprons for a restaurant or food company.

  6. Branded pet products if you are a veterinarian, groomer, or a dog trainer.

Promotional Products and Gifts Must Represent your Company Well

It makes sense, but this is a key step for promotional products. Oftentimes companies will chose the least expensive item to cut costs; however, if something is poorly made or doesn’t function the way it is anticipated, it can do more damage to your company’s brand than good. Even though this is a free gift, in general recipients will become disheartened or upset if their received something that doesn’t work right and is obviously cheaply made. This is why it is important that your promotional gifts represent your company well. Not only should they be useful and relevant to your brand, but the branded merchandise should be of good quality too.

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