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Digital Tools for Working Remotely !!

Are you looking for the best digital tools for working remotely from home? We got the tools you need to work efficiently and be productive!

Some of the challenges of working remotely at home are a lack of team collaboration, in-office culture, family distractions, and so much. So, how can you work from home effectively and collaborate with others during the coronavirus outbreak?

I rounded up some of the best business tools you need to work remotely at home, collaborate with others, and be productive.

1. For Communication─Chatting and Messaging


As communication with team members and work colleagues is a challenge during at this time as you work remotely, Slack software application is what you need to keep tab with others. This digital tool brings all your team and interactions together and helps you maintain work efficiency and productivity.

It is one of the best instant messaging apps in the market, and several companies are using it to connect with their team as they work remotely from home.

The software is a virtual office for many because it provides seamless communication between team members, departments, and the entire organization. For instance, when working on a project, you can get instant feedback for individual collaborators or from your team.

2. For Video Conferencing


My first choice for video conferencing while working at home is the Zoom app. It is perhaps the best in the business since anybody can use it no matter your location. The software helps you to start meetings and work together through videos quickly.

It is indeed, the most well-received work from home collaboration tool. Why? Because it replicates the face-to-face meetings you frequently had by showing you the facial expressions of others at the conference.

3. Project Management and Productivity


Evernote is your ideal project management and productivity tool because it works on all platforms, including smartphones and tablets. You can quickly sync your notes and all files among devices.

Some marketers call it “Personal Digital Assistant” (PDA). That is because Evernote can help you:

  • Take notes on the go

  • Create a daily, monthly, or yearly to-do-list

  • Assign tasks to your entire team

  • Create an editorial content calendar

  • Brainstorm ideas that will let you blog consistently without running out of content.

  • Collaborate, and more.

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