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5 Promotional Products to encourage Employee Wellness & Increase Productivity !!

Employees are a company’s greatest asset. Investing in employees and keeping them happy in the organization can make for a highly productive workplace, aiding in the overall success of the business.

So let’s have a look at the top 5 Promotional Products that shows you are concerned about the well being of your employees and thus increase productivity;

1. Gym Shakers (Blender Bottles)

Each bottle comes with an agitator whisk which allows users to mix their drinks with just a few good shakes. It makes an excellent employee wellness gift and is primarily used for blending (or re-blending) protein shakes, meal supplements, and flavored water.

The side-bottle measurement trackers allow your team to monitor their liquid intake. They can take their customized Blender Bottle anywhere: gym, car, on a hike – you name it!

2. Yoga Mats

Yoga has a breadth of healing qualities. Not only does it benefit you physically, but it also helps improve mood and mental health. Incorporating branded yoga mats into your health and wellness campaigns can help boost worker productivity. A well-rested mind can bring about new motivation, increasing output in the office.

3. Sports Duffel Bags

A duffel bag serves many purposes. It can be used as an overnight bag when visiting friends and family, as a gym bag to carry workout clothes, or as carry-on luggage on your next vacation or work trip.

Providing your employees with a custom sports duffel bag may motivate your team to participate in group walks around the office park, or give them the drive they need to finally book a much-needed getaway to refresh the mind and see the world!

4. T-Shirts

T-shirts and athletic apparel make wonderful employee wellness gifts. Sweat-resistant and breathable style shirts are great to workout in, and the popular sleeveless shirts may be the wearer’s go-to weekend shirt for events like fun runs and outdoor festivals.

A t-shirt branded with your company logo not only supports your workplace wellness initiatives, but it also makes a kind gesture to thank your employees for their hard work and dedication.

5. Fitness Tracker

Work productivity is likely your main goal here, which is why you and your team can benefit from fitness activity trackers. These devices allow your employees to manage individual and company wellness goals by syncing with an associated health and fitness monitoring app. Fitness activity trackers can monitor the wearer’s heart rate and track sleep patterns. Energy levels can have a major impact on work output, so tracking said functions is an excellent way to improve mood and employee performance.

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