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4 Promotional Products Every Business Should Be Using


Nowadays, the first thing that you will notice is that everyone is on their phones... from updating social media, checking emails, finding fellow attendees to touching base with the home office - People will be on their phones nonstop resulting in a dead battery before the day ends.

Giving out mobile chargers may just lock you into their memory bank. You provided something they desperately needed and something they will definitely use again. They will appreciate that you provided a very practical item and will see your logo every time they use it reminding them of your company. And that is the goal...lasting impressions.


One can argue that you can't have too many t-shirts. It's a great go to item for sleeping, the gym, going out for a walk etc. It's a great idea because it's an item that can be worn and easily used on a day to day basis

T-Shirts have a long staying power—63% of consumers keep their shirts for an average of 14 months. Plus, they have one of the highest numbers of impressions because they’re worn in public settings.


Like T-Shirts, a reusable Drinkware is an item that can be used long after the event is over and in any setting. These are products that can be associated with non work events too. A trip to the gym, volleyball on the beach, even just a walk in the park can be a reminder of your company.

Over 70% of U.S. consumers own some type of promotional drinkware. How's that for high-staying power and repeated impressions?


Promotional Desk Accessories have a high-staying power of 13 months. Think of all the repeated impressions these items will make. These impressions will ultimately lead to strong brand recognition among consumers. They are great for creating a sense of brand unity in office environments too. Deck out your employees’ work spaces with promotional desk accessories such as pens, calendars, and notepads to brand your office.

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