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All pencils have 2b lead and can be sharpened using a regular pencil sharpener. The pencils are of different colours and are coloured using non-toxic edible colours. Made from 100% recycled paper & edible colours. 

  • FROM USE & THROW TO USE & GROW : Once the pencil is too short to write, the seeds at the back can be grown into plants (flowers, herbs, veggies)
  • ECO FRIENDLY SET CONTAINS : 12 wood-free pencils, 12 varieties of seeds behind them. Extra Dark & smooth writing.
  • SUSTAINABLE MATERIAL : Packaging and pencils made with 100% recycled and bio-degradable paper. Organic seeds. Natural food-grade colouring on pencils; safe for children.
  • GREEN GIFT : For children. Or anyone who wants to create a positive impact on the planet. Learn about seeds, germination.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT : Designed and made in India to reduces waste, promote recycling and encourage planting activities.

Plantable Pencil Box (12pc)

SKU: BG-02


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