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Now Charging is no longer limited to only front seat Passangers with the Pebble PCC41. Designed with a 6ft cable, and 4 USB ports, you can seamlessly charge 4 devices simultaneously while on the go. It comes with 2 front seat USB ports charge smartphones at optimum speeds with shared 2.4A, while the extendable hub allows backseat passengers to charge 2 devices same time at 2.4A fast charging, Its perfect for Roadtrips, family drive and anjoying log drives with friends.
with Smart Intelligent Circuit automatically detects the optimum charging current required to charge your smart device and provides sufficient power for the fastest, most efficient charging experience. 4 devices can be charged simutaneously at the MAX speed
Your journey could be full of small mishaps, which is why the Pebble PCC44 is made to withstand all. Made with PC ABS material, the device is fire-retardant and resistant to most damages. Toughness personified.
The extension hub comes with 6feet/1.8 meters long cable with which the extension can easily be cliped to back seat of your car, to ensure easy and hassle free access to the backseat passengers.

6 Months Guarantee.

PCC41 - Car Charger


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