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When we designed the Comet we wanted to make sure don’t just create an ultra-fast Power Bank but that it also lasts all-day-long. With 10000mAh Capacity with 3 Hyper-Fast USB Output Ports one at 5V at 3.0A Max & two Type-C ports at 5V at 3.0A Max, not only do you get wide compatibility to charge up to 3 different devices at the same time but you also get the power of Quick Charge 3.O. Now charge your Smartphones, Laptops & Tablets on-the-move, all day long. You’ll even be able to charge a single device to its full capacity two or three times

Comet’s Power Input Ports are widely compatible as you can power the device to its maximum capacity with Micro or Type-C input at 5v with 3.0A. Comet will take 6 hours to reach its full capacity in 6 Hours with a 9V 2A Adaptor, 10 Hours with 5V 2a Adaptor & 20 Hours with 5V 1A Adaptor. No matter how you provide Power Input, Comet will deliver hyper-fast charging whatever the device. This makes the Comet, one of the most versatile Power Banks around

Xech Comet has four gentle, blinking LED Lights to indicate its charge capacity. While the unit is charging the LED lights blink to indicate that the device is being charged. Each bulb indicates a different capacity as it gets charged. One light blinking indicates 25% Capacity; two indicates 50%, three indicates 75% & 4 indicates 100%. We wanted to make sure the light mechanism is gentle to the eyes & is even visible in well-lit environments

Xech Comet is built with Qualcomm Quick charge 3.0 Technology with the power of 3A Power Delivery! The QC 3.0 Port if differentiated by the Orange Light USB Port It’s also embedded with Intelligent Protection System, that automatically shuts off power to your device once its fully charged. This protects your devices in the long run

With Power Delivery for compatible devices up to 18w, Xech Comet can charge a wide variety of Laptops & Tablets up to four times faster than conventional chargers. Whether it’s Macbook, Chromebook or any other USB Type-C Powered device, Comet can power them all

Comet 10000mAh Powerbank


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