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Brand - Allo Innoware


  • I AM 450°C OVEN SAFE BAKEWARE - Bake your favorite dish from Pasta to Lasagne and surprise your loved ones with food more delicious than a restaurant. 
  • I AM FOODSAFE 100% BOROSILICATE GLASS - I am FDA certified & BPA free, as I never release any chemicals in your food. I am odourfree, stainfree, scratch-resistant.
  • BREAK FREE DETACHABLE LOCK - Now, never worry about lock/clip breakage as you can simply remove and re-attach the locks.
  • I AM MICROWAVE SAFE - Enjoy your hot food by placing me in a microwave. Don't worry, like other containers, I will not release any toxic chemicals whatsoever into your food.
  • I AM LEAKPROOF- Like some other containers, I don't leak juices and gravies, ever.
  • I AM AIRTIGHT- I protect your food from everything, making it taste like it has just been prepared by being 100 % Airtight.
  • I AM MULTI PURPOSE- You can use me to carry your meal, to store freshly cut fruits and vegetables, To bake your favourite dishes like Pasta, Lasagne, Brownie, Pie , To store food in Freezer, To heat your food in microwave.
  • HAND REMOVABLE UNQUE SILICONE RING- you can now easily remove my silicone ring with your finger to clean any stains on it.
  • I AM BEST - You can use me for storing, baking, reheating, freezing purposes. 640ml Container.

For Personalized Branding and other Customisations - MOQ 100 PIECES

Borosilicate Microwave Safe Office Tiffin - MyC010


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