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Some Promo Products People Want and Need But Won’t Buy Themselves

1. Cell Phone Wallets

Cell phone wallets are one of the most genius inventions out there. They keep all your necessities tucked away with your phone, and you don’t even need a purse or bulky wallet! Few people will go out of their way to purchase their own cell phone wallet, which makes them one of the most clever giveaway items.

2. Bag Clips

Have you ever been in a pinch and used a binder clip, rubber band, or paper clip as a chip clip? You’re not alone. Bag clips are one of the most valuable promotional products because everyone needs them! No one likes stale chips, and when you gift one with your logo or design front and center, clients will be reminded of your brand each time they go for a snack.

3. Reusable Drinkware

Reusable water bottles from the store can get pricey. They’re usually at the bottom of people’s lists when it comes to items they want to spend their hard-earned money on! Take the pressure off by gifting employees or customers with branded drinkware they can use over and over again. Your gift will also encourage them to stay hydrated, so it’s a win-win!

4. Pens

I’m willing to bet you’ve got a drawer full of branded pens at home or in the office. There’s a reason for that! Pens are useful, and no one wants to make a special trip to the store to stock up on some writing instruments. Offer your customers branded pens if you want to give them something useful that they’ll hang on to for years!

5. Tote Bags

Just because you can buy a