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Here are Some Gifts Ideas for christmas !!

Winter Wearables

If you’re going to give your employees an extra casual-wear day over the holidays, you can add some customized gear for them to sport. Or just treat them to something warm and fuzzy, because, like the holiday playlist will remind us at least 200 times, it’s cold outside. Check out our handy sizing guide to figure out how many you need of each size to put under the tree (or shoot out of a cannon at the Christmas party – there’s no wrong way to holiday, as far as we’re concerned.)

Touch Screen Gloves: Before modern science caught up in the area of clothing, you had to choose between having warm hands or texting your roommate. No longer! In fun colors and one size fits most formats, these gloves will keep your employees both warm and connected all winter.

Hat and Scarf Set: Sleek, modern, soft. Everything you want in a hat and scarf combo. A thoughtful gift for the whole season (but we recommend following up distribution with an all-employee snowball fight in the parking lot).

Festive Food and Drink

Maybe your business is located in rainy mumbai, and a scarf is an impractical choice because you’re not suffering snow storms with the rest of the nation. If that’s the case, we recommend giving a Christmas gift classic – food or drink. We promise there are more options that fruitcake and cheese balls!

Adore Gift Boxed Chocolate: But everyone gives chocolate at Christmas! you’re thinking. We know. That’s because everyone loves it. These gold boxes come with four delicious chocolate squares and pair perfectly with a heartfelt holiday card.

Moscow Mule Gift Set: With mint, ginger beer, and other festive flavors, the classic Moscow Mule cocktail is best served from a traditional copper mug. This unique gift set comes with a recipe card, cocktail history, and cute mule-adorned box.

Click ‘N Sip Gleam Tumbler and Ghirardelli Cocoa Set: For a sweet holiday treat, nothing says “warm winter wishes” like hot cocoa. This stainless steel tumbler will keep any drink (hot or cold) at the perfect temperature for hours, but even warm weather dwellers will appreciate the seasonal joy of hot chocolate.

Belgio 2 Piece Wine Opener and Pourer Ensemble: If it has the word “ensemble” in it, you know it’s got to be good. This wine opener and pourer set pairs well with, well, wine. The quality opener and pourer set is shipped in a beautiful, giftable wooden box. Encourage some relaxing over the holidays with this classy customized combination.

Tidings of (Comfort and) Tech

If your office is populated with millennials, graphic designers, or anyone living their best life in the 21st century, consider a cool tech product or gadget accessory that they’d love to have or wouldn’t buy for themselves.

Laptop Sleeve: These sleeves are made from high quality neoprene – the same stuff that wetsuits are made out of. They snugly protect computers sized 11.8″ x 7.56″ x 0.68”, like the MacBook Air. They are also full-color printed, so you can customize these with any message, design, or color. (These protective computer blankets might be especially desirable if the laptops your staff uses have been provided by management.)

Native Wooden Bluetooth Speaker: Perfect for the home or office, this Bluetooth speaker has a range of 10 meters and is a great gift for spreading cheer through holiday playlists. If this one is a little too formal or back-to-nature for your holiday-party spirit to abide, we recommend a Bluetooth speaker. Nothing will make the office space more festive than a pumping soundtrack!

Whether you’re doing a secret Santa gift exchange in your department or are a CEO looking to make a gesture of goodwill during the holidays to all 500 employees at your annual Christmas banquet, there’s no shortage of great ideas to make your staff or coworkers feel appreciated. There are only a few weeks left until the holidays are here – what are you waiting for?

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