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Diwali Gifting Guide, 2020

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Table of Content;

A) 5 Tips to make Diwali unforgettable for your employees

B) Top 9 Diwali Gift Categories

C) Bonus Tip

Employees are an organization's greatest asset. Treating employees well & nurturing the relationship is extremely important to a Company's success. Diwali is the best time to show your employees how much you value their contribution to the growth of the Company. A gift is a tangible way to express your appreciation & by selecting the right gift it'll be clear to your employees that they are a priority.

The reason I'm writing this blog is I understand how challenging it can be to find the perfect gift for your employees. Something that is not only unique but also within the specified budget. But not to worry! Our Diwali gifting guide will help you figure out how to pick the right gift for your employees this Diwali.

A) 5 Tips to make Diwali unforgettable for your employees

1) Make it Useful & Unique

The #1 reason why recipients love Corporate Gifts is because of its usefulness. To add to it, if the product you gift is unique, it gives your employees a chance to show off your organization in front of their friends & family giving them a sense of belongingness.

While it can be tempting to go for tried & tested options like dry fruits, chocolates etc., putting some extra thoughts in gifting something that'll appeal to your workforce will pay extra dividends. Consider the general profile of your employees & curate options that they may like such as Tech products, desk accessories, kitchenware etc. You don’t have to break the bank for this. There are plenty of options available across all budgets.

2) Multiple Options

One of the things we recommend to our clients is to have a mix of 2 - 3 products for the employees to choose from. These products must be of similar value but from different product categories. This gives your employees the opportunity to select the gift that they like best. For example, you can ask them to pick between a trendy gadget or a home décor item. This will help in achieving your overall objective of making them feel an integral part of the organization. Most importantly, you'll know for a fact that your gift is actually being used.

3) Different gifts for different roles

A gift is often seen as a reflection of the value placed on the relationship. Also, every employee role have different needs. It is always advisable to match the gift that you are giving to the needs and wants of the recipient.

For example, premium gifts are advisable for senior management or board members. Your middle level employees may have different needs & taste. Make sure you consider these factors before finalizing your Diwali gifts to get maximum ROI.

4) Branding

Diwali gift is not an expense, but an investment in your organization's relationship with its employees. In addition to expressing appreciation, this is also an opportunity for effective branding. Your branded gifts serve as a constant reminder to your workforce about their value in the organization. Almost, all products can be branded with your Company logo. Some things to keep in mind;

- Branding space

- Type of branding

- Durability of the type of branding.

5) Add to the joyous atmosphere

Diwali is traditionally the time to celebrate with your friends & family. The general air is filled with positivity & joy & your Company should reflect the same. While a gift surely helps in cheering up your employees, there are certain initiatives that a Company should pair it up with to make the whole atmosphere one of fun, joy & positivity. These can be gaming events, parties, office decoration etc. If most of your employees are working remotely, think of fun things you could do online. This will help take things to another level.

Now, let's check out the best suited Diwali gift categories that you should consider for selecting the right employee gift this Diwali.

B) Top 9 Diwali Gift Categories

With most employees working remotely because of the pandemic, your employees would love products to helps them makes their work life easier. Products like Laptop stands, mouse pad with wireless charger, digital wooden clock, notebooks, etc. would be an amazing gift this year.

Use this time to show your love for the environment by gifting eco-friendly products to your employees. Some amazing choices are tote bags, stainless steel water bottles, plant kits, plantable notebook, pens, bamboo fiber coffee mugs, etc. Your environment conscious employees are going to absolutely love it!

Everyone loves electronic products. Consider trendy products like ear pods, unique desk lamps, book lamps, portable Bluetooth speakers, power banks, etc. and you'll have a workforce that won't stop talking about your gift. As per a survey conducted by ASI, Tech products are generally used for over a year by 77% recipients.

With the ongoing pandemic, it is more important than ever for everyone to take care of themselves & make sure that they get the much needed exercise. Encourage your employees to get fitter with products like Yoga Mats, fitness trackers, Sportswear, Protein mixers, etc. You could even go for popular COVID protection gadgets such as UV-C Pocket Sterilizer., UV-C Pod, etc.

One of the best ways to show your employees that you care about them is by reminding them to stay hydrated. Drinking a lot of water not only ensures a healthy body but also a clearer mind! Gift unique water bottles that displays temperature or anti fall Drink ware to make an impact. Keeping Diwali in mind, copper bottles & glass sets are a huge hit at this time of the year.

This is one of the classic Diwali gifts category. But classic doesn't necessarily have to mean "same old". You can up your game and give them a piece of modern gadget such as 3D Lamp with clock, DIY Hot air balloon lamp shade, 4 nonstick pan set, scented candles, coffee machine, hand blender, air fryer, toaster etc. These kinds of gifts are considered auspicious during Diwali and usher goodwill at home.

7) Accessories Combo

Consider making a combo out of certain small yet extremely useful accessories. It can include Diaries, keychain, coffee mug, pen drive, pop socket, mobile wallet, mouse pad, coasters, etc. or literally anything under the sun. Accompany these with a beautiful customized box packaging to further enhance the overall appeal.

Quirky desktop items branded with your Company logo acts as a constant reminder of how important you coworkers are to you & your organization. We have a number of unique & multi-utility products for you to choose from. Some of them being a mini sewing machine calendar, Desk lamp with pen holder & mobile charger, Pen stand with built in Bluetooth speaker, etc.

The classics when it comes to Diwali gifts! Although this particularly category is overdone, you can get creative & make a beautiful hamper with flavored dry fruits, cheese crackers, macroons, cookies, masala makhana, waffle thins, sharbat, chocolates etc. Besides these, cracker shaped chocolates in a box which can also be used a s a Diwali lantern is something that your co-workers may not have seen before either.

C) Bonus Tip

Add a hand written note

Since you’re distributing Corporate gifts to show appreciation to your employees, make sure to include a handwritten note from a top level executive. Take this opportunity to mention what they mean to your organization. It is an amazing way to make a meaningful connection. Also, if the product you’ve chosen is eco-friendly, you should surely mention that in the note. This small gesture will furthermore optimize the efficiency of your gifting objective by a significant margin.

I hope this guide helps you select the right gift & make your employees feel a part of an organization that truly cares about it's relationship with them. Have a joyous & happy Diwali.

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