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Hello and welcome to TapWell, a tailor-made repository for all your branding and promotional needs. My name is Rases Changoiwala. As the founder of this company, allow me to introduce you to our journey, and what lies in our powerhouse for you:

Having spent nearly a decade in the promotional products and corporate gifts industry, I realized that it lacks a regard for buyer experience. Clients remain stressed over unorganized functions like late deliveries and poor communications. Sellers, meanwhile, act as mere traders, offering products instead of ease of purchase, lacking expertise, value addition, and concern for the varying needs of various clients. Hence, we created TapWell - to help you build a bigger brand with ease, using our proficient ideas and theories. How do we do this? Foremost, we respect your budgets, and ensure you have the best products at unmatchable prices. Secondly – this is what makes us unique – we offer branding expertise, market insights and data points on every product, ensuring that you have those that perfectly complement your marketing objectives, target audience and brand image.


Thirdly – this is what makes our clients the happiest – working with us is a breeze, as business comfort for you is at the heart of all our functions. To ensure this, we have the largest collection of gifts and unique products in India, readily available through our warehouse facilities, offering timely pan-India deliveries.

All you have to do is pick a product, and we’ll set the smoothest sail for you. Over the past few years, we’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the biggest brands on the planet, including …… Owing to our unique and specialized services, 82 percent of them have opted to order with us again! You may read some of their testimonials here. We aim for trust and reliability, and we’re happy and humbled to be on the right road.

As for our vision, we’re working hard to become revolutionary leaders of this industry in Asia, ones who transform the tiring seller-buyer relationship into an enriching, rewarding business experience. For this, we soon hope to set up individual branded e-commerce stores for our clients, so you can have your own curated list of products, and gifts would only be a click away! If you’re looking to build a bigger brand, call us on +91-9769378543.

We promise you ease, expertise and customized innovation!

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